These 5 Common Skincare Mistakes Are Damaging Your Skin!

What if we told you the very things you do to ensure you have soft, glowing skin for years to come may be causing irreparable damage? Is your skincare routine a recipe for disaster? Read on and put a stop to it today!


#1: You exfoliate way too much!

Exfoliation is necessary to remove pore-clogging debris and revitalize dull skin. But exfoliating two or a maximum of three times a week is more than enough. Exfoliate more often and you’re causing damage to your top skin layer, which is actually a protective barrier against sun damage and environmental toxins. And that just means you’re helping speed up your skin’s ageing process… yikes!


Do you feel you need to exfoliate often because you have overly oily skin? Well, it may sound strange but when your skin is over-exfoliated, your body’s natural repair mechanism is put into overdrive and oil production actually increases! Exfoliate less often and you may find your skin becomes less oily.


#2: You think oily skin doesn’t need moisturization.

While we’re on the topic of oily skin, here’s another big mistake you may be making. Did you know that moisturizing is a way of hydrating the skin i.e. adding water to the skin, not oil? Every type of skin needs moisturization, especially at nights. In fact, oily skin can even be the result of not enough moisturization because your skin compensates for the lack of hydration by secreting more oil!


So moisturize daily to keep acne at bay. Sounds strange but it works!


#3: You sleep with your hair open at night

Ever wonder why you tend to get blackheads and acne on your forehead or the edges of your face? Sleeping with your long tresses loose may be the cause! Always tie your hair neatly into a high tight bun and make sure no strands make contact with your face. If you have bangs, use a hairband to keep them off your forehead. By the way, there could be another bedtime reason for your
breakouts. Unclean bedsheets and pillowcases! If unwashed for a long time, fabric can accumulate residue from the conditioner or hair oil you use. It’s not difficult for this to transfer to your face and cause a bad case of acne out of nowhere!


#4: You take showers that are too hot!

A hot shower can feel real good but taking them often can strip your skin of natural oils. And if you have already sensitive skin, it can even lead to itchy skin or rashes.  If you find that your skin turns red after stepping out of the shower, that’s a sign you’re bathing with water too hot. And don’t think that a luxuriant, hydrating body wash will make up for the damage. It won’t. Better to stick to warm or lukewarm showers.


#5: You’re using anti-aging products too soon.

It can’t hurt to start as early as possible, right? Well, that’s what the beauty product companies would like you to believe! Truth is, using powerful anti-aging skin products in your 20s may actually speed up the aging process! Simply put, anti-aging products are meant to train matureskin to do something it’s forgotten i.e. manufacture collagen which are building blocks for new healthy skin. When you apply anti-aging product to young skin, you’re basically giving your skin cells the chance to be lazy and forget what they were doing naturally anyway! The result – skin that ages faster because now they have outside agents to take care of the damage.


However, you’re never too young to start taking steps to nourish and protect your skin. A daily regimen of cleansing, moisturizing and applying a good quality sunscreen (don’t forget the neck!) can go a long way in preventing aging so that you don’t need to be too dependent on anti-aging products once you cross the 30-year mark!

Pallavi Dhingra
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