Slash Kitchen Time By An Hour & Eat Healthy With These Handy Tools!

How many times have you skipped a meal, ordered takeout or settled for a sandwich just to avoid the prep work that goes into making a healthy, delicious meal?

Let’s face it – we all have Masterchef aspirations but with no sous chef by our side, it can be a pain to whip up anything beyond the usual dal-chawal to satiate our appetites.

That’s why we’ve picked out these nifty little helpers to help you. Check ‘em out!



Wonderchef_String_Plastic_ChopperWonderchef String Plastic Chopper

This easy hand-powered chopper with sharp blades dices everything from onions and garlic to fruits & vegetables, in just a few seconds. The manual process helps you control the fineness of the dicing and makes this an affordable choice for any kitchen.


MRP: Rs.950
32% Off
SP: Rs.650






Sheffield_Classic_Salad_Maker_SH1005Sheffield Classic Salad Maker SH1005

Okay, time to confess. How many times have you skipped a salad in your meal just because you’re too lazy to put knife to veggie? Well, here’s a contraption that ensures you never have that excuse again! This salad maker has multiple coloured cones for different kinds of grating and slicing. You’ll always be just a couple of minutes away from the perfect salad.


Rs. 3095





Morphy Richards Essentials 600 Food Processor

A food processor is a great investment for any kitchen. With multiple attachments, it makes everything from shredding coconut to kneading dough absolutely hassle-free! It also functions as a chopper, slicer, juicer and whisker!

Psst, there’s a special blade in there to cut french fries for those one-off cheat days!


MRP: Rs.7195
26% Off
SP: Rs.5295






Philips_Viva_Collection_Soup_MakerPhilips Viva Collection Soup Maker

Whether you like it smooth, chunky or somewhere in between, this soup maker has 5 pre-set programs to create your favourite soup in just 20 minutes! The best part – once you’ve selected a setting, you don’t need to stand watching over it. And it keeps the soup warm for upto 40 minutes, which is perfect if you’re entertaining.



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