ShopLyne Boulevard: We’ve Made Local Shopping HOT!

What’s not to love about shopping at your local stores? It’s fast, it’s convenient, there’s touch & feel and you get what you want when you want it. It’s the retail equivalent of a quickie. But let’s admit it — it’s not very sexy. In fact, it can get downright tedious when there’s temperamental weather, peak hour traffic and a sea of weekend shoppers to contend with.

And yet we can’t get enough of it. Mostly because as shoppers, we’re creatures of habit. And we’re in the habit of consuming retail experiences that allow us to step out of our humdrum worlds to sample the vision of a life that’s somehow always brighter, prettier and happier than ours. In other words, shopping lets us imagine slightly improved versions of ourselves and gives us an instant way to achieve them. And nothing gives us a bigger high.


So then why sacrifice this intrinsic experience of modern-day shopping when we shop from our mobiles?


Can a local shopping app be about more than just perfecting the convenience of mobile shopping?


We’d like to think so.


ShopLyne Boulevard is our attempt at creating a retail ‘experience’ that’s comparable to walking into any world-class shopping district while enjoying all the practical benefits of shopping from Mumbai’s trusted local stores. It’s a curated showcase of the best & most beautiful of ShopLyne’s marketplace, all in one place and in the palm of your hand every time you launch the app.


Think of the Boulevard as a little bit of retail heaven tucked away in your smartphone. It’s like having a personal shopper, local discounts hunter and lifestyle magazine editor – all working for you!


Here’s what to expect -


1. Don’t have time to browse but don’t want to miss out on what’s hot and trending? We keep your FoMO at bay with HOT. See the best of ShopLyne in one swipe!


2. Discover local stores and their stories! Head over to STORES to check out stores we personally love, see what makes the city’s most popular stores tick and watch local sellers share their stories.


3. Want a second opinion? Check out video and text REVIEWS of real consumers (courtesy Real Reviews) before you buy.


4. Got a gifting emergency? Our local sellers have put together GIFT sets of branded bestsellers based on personal tastes & seasonal needs.


5. We provide succour for every kind of sweet tooth! We’ve rounded up the best dessert HAMPERS from the best patisseries in the city so that you don’t think twice and just indulge.


6. Sprinkled all over the Boulevard are curated lists of all kinds of products for practically every kind of shopper. They make for fun reading and even more fun shopping! Check ‘em out!


Is there something you’d like to see on ShopLyne Boulevard? Let us know and we’ll make it happen!


Download the ShopLyne app for Android @ | for iOS @


Uttarika Kumaran

A former reluctant journalist and always aspiring word-weaver, Uttarika Kumaran is also Co-Founder, ShopLyne.

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