These 5 Common Skincare Mistakes Are Damaging Your Skin!

What if we told you the very things you do to ensure you have soft, glowing skin for years to come may be causing irreparable damage? Is your skincare routine a recipe for disaster? Read on and put a stop to it today!   #1: You exfoliate...

true hyperlocal

Are ‘Hyperlocal’ Shopping Apps Truly Hyperlocal?

For thousands of years, the marketplace has been the cornerstone of human civilization, each one unique in its culture and richness. From Magadh to Constantinople to every street market in the world today, marketplaces have thrived on listening to the needs and preferences of local buyers, the diversity of goods sold and an environment of healthy competition between retailers on equal ground.


Astro Gifting: The Go-Go-Go Gemini!

A quintessential Air sign, the typical Gemini is an extrovert you love to be around but who can be very difficult to keep up with! They love anything to do with learning and communication, and have a natural curiosity which requires them to stay on...


5 Decor Fixes When You’re Low on Cash

Tired of coming home to the same ol' boring sight? Are your bare walls making you cringe? Wish you could give your little abode a revamp without burning a hole in your pocket? Try out these cool, pocket-friendly decor fixes and give at least a corner...



If you’re reading this, you probably love your fragrances and and spend quite a fortune to collect them by the dozen. However, in all likelihood, you’re committing at least one of these cardinal sins while wearing your favourite perfume.   You spray perfume on your wrists, then...


Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Melt Her Heart!

Isn’t it funny that every mom on earth is different and yet there are some things about them which are universal? There’s not a mom who doesn’t evoke those feelings in her children! On the eve of Mother’s Day, we’ve put together gifting ideas for those...


Divided they Fall! Watch Captain America: Civil War for Free!

What’s dividing the heroes? Find out at theatres near you and let us pick up the tab for your Captain America: Civil War movie. That’s right, go on and watch your movie for FREE!   All you have to do is download the ShopLyne app, WhatsApp us your...


At the Crossroads of Indian e-Commerce: What Lies Ahead?


Last week, one major e-tailer has shut operations, while unfeasible discounting has started taking its toll on another.


In a bid to promise convenience and speed to its users, logistics costs are eating away at the heart of India’s largest internet companies. Thousands of jobs have been lost and established players must now consider restructuring their businesses in order to survive.


Astro Gifting: The Hedonistic Taurean

Gifting a Taurean can be daunting! They have an innate love for all things indulgent and tend to get lost in the sensual side of things. Yet, they can suddenly surprise you with their extreme practicality. As a fixed earth sign, they can be very strong-willed but gift them well and their hard exterior will melt away to reveal their soft, sensitive hearts!