Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Melt Her Heart!

Isn’t it funny that every mom on earth is different and yet there are some things about them which are universal? There’s not a mom who doesn’t evoke those feelings in her children!

On the eve of Mother’s Day, we’ve put together gifting ideas for those special traits in every mom that makes her our favourite person in the world!



Her_ladyshipMom is – Comfort!
For every scraped knee, ugly fight and broken heart, she’s always been there with her hugs, kisses and wise words. No gift will ever match the comfort she’s always given you. But hey, you can still try, right?


Our Pick:
Ladyship Cushion – Black





Tiered_PlatterMom is – The Best Cook in the World!
Even the best chef in the world will tell you there’s nothing like coming home to a simple delicious meal made by mom. Who knows how many hours of her life your mom has spent cooking up things for you. How about gifting her something that will make her life a little easier in the kitchen?


Our Pick:
Tiered Platter





M_O_M_CoverMom is – My Best Friend
She’s been your best friend, whether you know it or not! She’s always been there for you, through good times and bad. Celebrate this timeless friendship with a timeless gift.


Our Picks:
Iphone 4 Cover MOM – Blue






Destination_MilestoneMom is – Love
It’s indefinable. Unfathomable. And despite all your mistakes, tantrums and bickerings over the years, your mom’s love for you is absolutely unconditional. She’s given you her heart since the moment you were born. This Mother’s Day, give her a sign that says it’s mutual.


Our Picks:
You are My Destination Milestone




Ritisha Roy
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