Get a Compact & Complete Home Gym Under 5K!

For those of us who would rather save the cost and/or the travel time going to a gym entails – which can be significant – here’s how you can put together your very own home gym at a one-time investment of Rs.5,000! With results that match a top-notch gym routine. You just can’t underestimate what these nifty portable props can do… if you know exactly what to do with them. Get a lowdown right here.

Ready? Let’s get you started! You need:



1) Non-Skid Yoga Mat:
Firstly, of course, get yourself a good yoga mat with the right amount of cushioning and anti-skid credentials for floor exercises.


Go For:
Technix Non-Slip Yoga Mat – Purple (3mm): The specially fabricated Technix Yoga Mat provides an ideal anti-skid surface that is also anti-bacterial. It does not wear easily and is easy to wash.
Price: Rs.450
14% Off




home_gym-22) Pull-up Bar
Just one rod to replace bulky gym equipment! The pull-up bar uses body weight to exercise different muscles – core, back, biceps, triceps. Just mount it on your doorframe and you are set. Use it for chinups, leg raises, knee raises and myriad variations of Crossfit workouts. There’s very little it can’t do!


How To Use:
Men’s Health UK shows you 10 ways of getting the most out of your pull-up bar.


Go for:
Aerofit Pull Up Bar: This extra heavy-duty chrome plated steel bar with mounting hardware, rubber ends and support bracket is fully adjustable and can fit doorframes of sizes 62cm to 89cm.
Price: Rs.1050
10% OFF




home_gym-33) Resistance Tube
Resistance tubes are the most compact and versatile workout accompaniments. Throw them into existing workouts for extra resistance – be it squats, pushups, bench press, bicep curls and what not – and get toned in no time.


How To Use:
Kelly Davis at Greatist shows you 33 EXERCISES made heavy duty with resistance tubes.


Go for:
Technix Toning Level 3 Resistance Tube (Red)
Price: Rs.600
29% OFF




home_gym-44) Push Up Bar

Pushup bars are great to intensify chest workouts. These let your torso drop closer to the floor while doing a push up, strengthening your core and making the pectorals work all the more harder.


How To Use:
Check out these push-up bar variations from SnapGuide by Brit+Co.


Go for:
Aerofit Push Up Bar: These push up bars from Aerofit are lightweight with foam handles that provide an excellent grip.
Price: Rs.510
11% OFF



home_gym-55) Ankle Weights
Have your legs gotten used to the daily workout intensity? Add more resistance level in your daily leg workout. These ankle weights will up the intensity to fatigue your muscles, thereby toning and shaping your leg sooner than you expect!


How To Use:
Get a load of these leg toning exercises from Nicole at Pumps & Iron.


Go for:
Technix Neoprene Ankle Weight (1kg):Technix ankle weights have Velcro straps with a non-abrasive inner padding that absorbs moisture. The design distributes weight equally over the entire band.
Price: Rs.750
42% Off



home_gym-66) Dumbbells
Easy to use and versatile. That’s your handy pair of dumbbells! Use them to add negative force to the workout and create better balancing.


How to use:
Watch Russell Turner’s 2kg workout.


Go for:
Dumbbells 2kg – Pair
Price: Rs.1,000
17% Off



home_gym-77) Hand Grip
You need a hand grip to build lower arm strength. Why? Because a lot of back and chest workouts that involve lower arms get compromised if your wrists get fatigued faster than your target muscle. You also need stronger wrists for moving workouts that involve the hand to transfer force.


How to Use:
Here’s the right way to use hand grips, posted by Cardiotrek.


Go for:
Physique Foam Handle Hand Grip



home_gym-88) Skipping Rope
Finally, get yourself a jumping rope. It’s a great calorie-burner, even better than running! So, whether it’s stamina building you’re after or overall toning, a good skipping rope just cannot be missing in your home gym set.


How To Use:
Here’s a 10-minute jump rope routine by Betsie Stephens at Fitness Magazine


Go For:
Burn Skipping Rope:
Made with durable PVC, this rope is lightweight and smooth. It has metal ball bearings instead of rope inside the PVC casing to prevent tangling.
Price: Rs.120
14% Off



home_gym-99) And… A Digital Weighing Scale:
An absolute must to track progress and keep you motivated. Preferably go in for a digital one as it’ll give you precise reading without the marginal errors over time.


Go For:
Eagle Electronic Digital Weighing Scale (Blue, Black): The Eagle Electronic Weighing Scale has a 6mm tempered glass platform and stainless steel edges with a simple on/off function.
Price: Rs.1700
19% Off



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