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Are ‘Hyperlocal’ Shopping Apps Truly Hyperlocal?

For thousands of years, the marketplace has been the cornerstone of human civilization, each one unique in its culture and richness. From Magadh to Constantinople to every street market in the world today, marketplaces have thrived on listening to the needs and preferences of local buyers, the diversity of goods sold and an environment of healthy competition between retailers on equal ground.


At the Crossroads of Indian e-Commerce: What Lies Ahead?


Last week, one major e-tailer has shut operations, while unfeasible discounting has started taking its toll on another.


In a bid to promise convenience and speed to its users, logistics costs are eating away at the heart of India’s largest internet companies. Thousands of jobs have been lost and established players must now consider restructuring their businesses in order to survive.


ShopLyne Is About More Than Just Delivery!

By Deepak Dhingra


When we first began working on ShopLyne in early 2014, hyperlocal shopping was said to have arrived in the form of grocery delivery apps. Quick on their heels were other on-demand delivery startups and big e-commerce retailers had started taking steps to strengthen last mile delivery.