Astro Gifting: The Sensitive Pisces

Gentle, caring, deeply compassionate, sociable one moment, a loner the next – you can pick any of these to describe the favourite Piscean in your life.

They live in a world of their own, which seems to be the source of all their creativity and a highly active subconscious. It’s what makes them so charming to friends and strangers alike, but it can also make them very difficult to gift. After all – what is going on in that head of theirs?!


We dissect the Piscean to give you some clues.


The Dreamer


Thanks to their ruling planet Neptune, the Piscean is filled with positivism and aspirations of the higher self. Living more on a psychic realm than the physical, Pisceans often lost track of time in daydreaming.


Meandering between the real and the fantastic in their minds, this water sign appreciates gifts that give them a sense of floating into an unknowable expanse.


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Spiritual and Intuitive


Ever wonder why your Piscean is so damn intuitive? Do you feel they get it right before time, every time? Well, it could have something to do with the fact that Pisceans are the rulers of the twelfth and last house of the Zodiac, the house of spirituality and divinity.


When the going gets tough, you’re very likely to turn to your Piscean friend for some reassuring advice. So why not celebrate their birthday by gifting them something that best honors this trait of their personality?


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Universal Lovers

Pisceans are die-hard romantics and very sentimental by nature. But it’s not just romance that they love. The ruling Neptune is a higher octave of Venus, signifying universal love and togetherness. A Piscean is one of the most loyal pals you’ll ever find and they’re often the ones who keep their group of friends together over the years.


Whether you have a Piscean as a friend or a lover, gift them something that makes them feel as warm and cared for as they make you feel all the time.


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Artistic and Imaginative


An artistic temperament is what defines a Piscean. They have a tendency to lose themselves in the arts, especially music. They’re a reservoir of ideas that need an outlet but they may not always get the opportunity when caught up in the humdrum of everyday life.


Give them a chance to express themselves artistically and they’ll love you for it!


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Sheaffer Calligraphy Maxi Kit
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Unusual Scents


Their scattered thoughts may make them seem absentminded at times, but it is this same quality that makes Pisceans some of the most experimental signs of the Zodiac. They’re also highly sensitive creatures, which makes their sensory perception superior to most.


Your Piscean will really appreciate unusual fragrant notes so perfumes are a great gift idea. But if you’re not quite sure which fragrance will suit them most, stick to their element – aquatic and oceanic scents are a safe bet.


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Ritisha Roy
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