Astro Gifting: The Hedonistic Taurean

Gifting a Taurean can be daunting! They have an innate love for all things indulgent and tend to get lost in the sensual side of things. Yet, they can suddenly surprise you with their extreme practicality. As a fixed earth sign, they can be very strong-willed but gift them well and their hard exterior will melt away to reveal their soft, sensitive hearts!


So where do you start? Let’s decode this personality to help you find the perfect gift for the mighty Bull!



Che_Guevara_Lamp#1 The Keeper of Keepsakes

Taureans are rulers of the second house of the Zodiac, the house of material life. No wonder they love their collectibles! You can rest assured the typical Taurean home will be dotted with mementos and keepsakes. Add to their fond collection by gifting them a unique collectible that reflects something about them or your relationship. They’ll love the thoughtful touch!


Our Pick: Che Guevara Lamp

Price: Rs.1,399





#2 Luxury Lover
Every Taurean revels in luxury and they like to pamper themselves ever so often with the finer things in life. Premium perfumes, spa treatments and anything that lets them self-indulge will keep the Taurean in good spirits.


Our Pick: Bvlgari Aqva Eau de Toilette For Men (100ml)

Price: Rs.5,500 Rs.2,400
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Morphy Richards New Europa Espresso Cappuccino Coffee

#3 Food Junkie
Taureans are known to have finer tastes in food and they love their cooking. Experiments in the kitchen and dishing out delicacies is a common favourite pastime. Surprise them with delicious savouries and gourmet desserts, or some kitchen-related items that will give them an excuse to put on that apron.


Our Pick: Morphy Richards New Europa Espresso/Cappuccino Coffee

Price: Rs.5,395 Rs.4,856
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Sphero 2 App-Enabled Ball - White#4 The Pleasure Seeker
The Taurus dream involves lavish lifestyles, brimming bank accounts and basically, living the good life. If you can afford it, a high-end, branded gadget will keep them talking about it for weeks!


Our Pick: Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Drone

Price: Rs.15,750




Leatherman_WingMan#5 Tree Hugger
As an earth sign, Taureans love to head out into nature. Book them on a forest trail or trek and gift them something to carry along with them when they do!


Our Pick: Leatherman WingMan

Price: Rs.4,150



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