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Arunodaya Stores – Where Home & Kitchen Meets Heart!

In its over five decades of existence, this store has become the go-to place for generations of Matunga residents for all their home & kitchen needs. As times and customer needs have changed, pans and pressure cookers have been joined by state-of-the-art food processors, blenders and espresso machines.

But there is something unmistakably old-school about Arunodaya Stores. Perhaps it’s just the feel of the store packed to the brim with everything home & kitchen related. Maybe it’s the friendly salespeople who always give you just the right amount of information and advice without being aggressive or pushy. Or perhaps it’s the fact that you can have a nice little chat with one of the owners while paying at the counter and not feel like you’re being given another sales pitch. There’s certainly something that makes Arunodaya just a little bit special.


The Secret Recipe
In 1962, Karamshi Dedhia set up Arunodaya as a small family business. What he did not know was that it would become one of the most trusted local stores in Matunga. With an absolutely transparent policy on pricing and steering clear of false promises, Arunodaya has been growing its loyal customer base with online shoppers who’ve had their fill of heavy discounts and inferior products.



Did you know? The store is shut from 1pm to 3pm every day so that its sales staff, who come from the city’s outskirts early in the morning, can relax. A rested sales guy is a more helpful sales guy!



With Mr. Dedhia’s son Narendra Dedhia and grandsons Ketak (in the photo) and Rinkesh at the helm of the business today, Arunodaya’s secret is pretty simple. Ask Narendra what it is that keeps people coming back and he says that a customer will only return if he leaves the store feeling happy. “The greatest satisfaction for a customer is finding the perfect answer to their needs without any hassles. Every time we talk to a customer, we try to make sure s/he is made to feel important to us. Because they are. The human connect happens there. That’s what keeps people coming back to us for decades.”


Located close to Shivaji Park, Arunodaya is regularly visited by theatre and movie actors, cricketers and politicians’ families who live in the vicinity. Some of the store’s famous patrons include actor and director Mahesh Manjrekar, TV personality Bharti Achrekar and ex-cricketer and Chief Selector of BCCI, Sandeep Patil.


Why ShopLyne?
Arunodaya sees ShopLyne as a mobile app that can help the store expand its customer base and prominently display its enormous range of products while keeping intact its commitment to fair pricing and personalized service.


Check out the store on the app!

Arunodaya Stores houses a wide range of home and kitchen appliances such as irons, choppers & peelers, electric steamers, espresso & coffee machines, food processors, hand blenders, juicers, mixers, microwave ovens etc. Brands include Morphy Richards, Boss, Sheffield, Borosil, Vinod Cookware and more.


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