Gift ideas for Aquarius woman

Astro Gifting: The Mad Aquarian

It’s the Aquarius month – the 11th house full of eccentricity and paradox. Being the last air sign, Aquarians are known to be fiercely independent and are always full of excitement. If you have an Aquarian friend, life is probably a rollercoaster ride for you. But their fluctuating moods can make them difficult to shop for. Need some help?

Let’s start with their favourite colour!

#1 Go Blue – Indigo or Electric!

Trust an Aquarian to not have a single favourite colour! That’s because Aquarius is influenced by two planets – the traditional and serious Saturn which favours indigo blue and the innovative, radical Uranus who prefers to stand out with electric blue.

If your Aquarian is extremely passionate and keeps getting too involved in people and situations, some indigo blue will help them cool down and bring some detachment to the way they handle things.

Is your Aquarian more of a deep thinker, very creative and has flashes of intuition that always turn out right? Or maybe she/he is a whimsical dresser with outlandish tastes? Electric blue will inspire them to get more in touch with their inner genius and shine even brighter!

#2 Perfumes for the Paradoxical

Ruled by the strangest planet in the solar system, Uranus sets your Aquarian towards the unique and unknown. But don’t be shocked if you find them abhor a tradition one moment and embrace another the next. Run with them and you will explore so many sides of the same story! And we literally mean RUN.

Aquarians love perfumes which are unique. A vague mixture of elements that have their roots in nature is what entices them. Scents of fruit, citrus, vanilla and licorice are the most favoured of all.


#3 Whimsically Out of Sync

Thanks to Mars in Aquarius, this sign is the epitome of wackiness! Known as trendsetters, they don’t appreciate being perceived as normal and predictable. Never tell an Aquarian you know what they’re thinking – they love being out-of-the-box and surprising.

That’s why when it comes to gifting, lean towards retro, futuristic or anything that’s not part of the current trend, and they will love it!


#4 The Jet-Setter Aquarian

If you have an Aquarian in your group, sit back and relax. S/he will always be the first to plan your next getaway, special occasion or even a fun night out. Ever wonder why? Ruling Uranus screams for change in the Aquarian’s life, tempting them to break the monotony every now and then. And since they’re an air sign, which symbolizes movement, they’re always on the go anyway!

Gifting travel essentials or destination pieces will always keep them jet-setting or at least dreaming of it!


#5 Beach Lover

These Water-Bearers are lovers of the sun and sand. Perhaps it’s the eerie silence of the sea broken by the volatility of the tides that appeals to them, reminding them of their ever-changing moods. After all, it is a sign of contradictions.

Gift an Aquarian anything that motivates them to head to the beach and they’ll be sure to love it!

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Ritisha Roy
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