About Us


What’s stopping generations of traditional offline shoppers from shopping online?


Why are online shoppers themselves not shopping online 100% of the time?


Do customers always favour the best deal over speed and convenience?


Why do major e-commerce players – despite their technological and logistical advancements – still fall short of instilling the same sense of trust and reliability in their customers as opposed to a local retailer?


A boutique agency offering creative & business solutions in the field of online retail communication for over two decades, the team at Nucleus Digital had to repeatedly contend with these questions while working with its clients. Our customer-centric solutions brought us closer but never quite at the answer, which was always elusive.


Until it wasn’t. It eventually dawned on us that instead of trying to forcefully change the shopping behaviour of over 90% of India’s retail market who prefer a physical shopping experience, what was needed was a symbiotic fusion of two radically different modes of buying and selling into a technology-driven and sustainable hyperlocal model that benefited everyone involved.


Today, ShopLyne is a technological bridge between retailers and customers that combines the ease of online shopping with the unique advantages of shopping locally.


For buyers, ShopLyne is a virtual network of local retailers for instant store & product discovery, local price & distance comparison and direct-from-seller order fulfillment.


For retailers, ShopLyne is a virtual network of local buyers and a communication channel to broadcast deals & offers direct-to-consumer.