5 Reasons Why Women Like To Beauty Shop Locally

By Pallavi Dhingra

No matter how passionate an online shopper you are, if you’re a woman, you probably have at least two local stores you regularly visit to stock up on beauty essentials.

The first may just be your local chemist or a small neighbourhood store where you buy your moisturizers, sunscreens and everyday hair products. Then there’s your favourite branded outlet at the mall or perhaps a popular retail store on the other side of town, which is honestly a pain to go visit but worth it all when you enter and are surrounded by a seemingly endless range of makeup, perfumes, body butters, soaps from top international brands.


One is necessity, the other is an indulgence… okay, both are necessities as far as we’re concerned! But the point is both types of stores provide offline experiences that just don’t have a counterpart online. And the numbers prove it. In 2014, beauty and personal care made up only 2% of the entire e-commerce retail market value! (KPMG in India analysis, 2015, based on industry observations and sector progress in 2014)


In fact, that’s probably why, to keep their heads above the online clutter, several e-tailers – especially those who specifically cater to women – have started opening up physical stores in malls to increase brand visibility and build trust. On ShopLyne too, we’ve found when our female users choose to pick up their order from the store, nearly half of them end up buying more while they’re there!


So what is it that women still love about shopping offline? Here’s what we think.


Try It Before We Buy It


What can we say? We’re a very touchy-feely sex! Online shopping technology may have progressed a great deal but nothing comes close to the sensory experience of shopping.
Could you ever imagine buying a new perfume online? I wouldn’t. It’s the same case with kajals, eye shadows, lipsticks and a lot of bath products that you’ll want sniff and approve before it goes into your shopping basket. We may reorder online but when it comes to buying a new product, we’re always going to head down to the local beauty store to try it out.
And it’s obviously a woman thing, as revealed in the latest trend among our male counterparts. A recent report by an online retailer (Snapdeal sales trend report) found that men bought 2.5 times more personal grooming electronics than women online and three times the number of perfumes!
Good for you guys but I think women for the most part still prefer to touch and feel (and smell) their beauty products before they buy.
Immediate Gratification


Let’s face it – even the fastest delivery is not as fast as getting your purchase handed to you over the counter, right after you hand over the cash! Our gatherer instincts are most soothed when we can go home with our loot and start using it immediately.
Ordering online takes a huge chunk of that guilty pleasure away and can make impulse buys seem like big mistakes when they show up at our door two days later.


Even when it comes to daily need-based purchases, most women would agree that waiting 3-5 days just for a shampoo or body lotion is ridiculous. On ShopLyne, you can order in the afternoon and have your makeup delivered in the evening before you have to head out for a party. It’s also super convenient, especially for women professionals who have no spare time to go shopping. Our pick-up option even allows you to pay online and then just pick up the order on your way home with an option to indulge in more retail therapy if you like!
The Trust Factor
A rarely acknowledged aspect, especially in the makeup & beauty realm. With online marketplaces being a free-for-all environment where any unknown brand can enter and start selling its goods, credibility is extremely important but rarely addressed to one’s satisfaction. Reviews & ratings may offer some solace, but coming from faceless buyers and the possibility of vested interests colouring even the most earnest sounding review, it’s not enough to inspire confidence.
You tell me – would you trust an anonymous text review on an e-commerce platform or the store sales lady who knows your preferences, can advise you based on your skin type and past purchases and who will be right there behind the counter to help you should you have any questions later or if something goes wrong? In fact, if you trust a store enough, you will trust the brands they stock without question.
That’s why we take credibility of stores on ShopLyne very seriously, especially in our beauty and makeup segment. We sign up beauty stores that are not simply the biggest but those that have been around for years, have worked hard to earn the trust of their customers and have dedicated salespeople who offer personalized advice and give product suggestions based on one’s needs. To replicate this experience on the app, ShopLyne gives users the option to call up the store and ask for recommendations from the sales staff before they buy.
In-Store Discounts & Offers
While online flash sales are fun when they come along, local beauty stores have amazing discounts all year round, every single day! And since they’re in tune with the pulse of the market in real-time, they run promotional offers on brands & products we actually love to use.
ShopLyne has beauty stores like Beauty Palace in Oshiwara, Makeover Collections in Matunga and New Beauty Point in Bandra with discounts as high as 64% on popular makeup, beauty and grooming products. And quite often, the prices at which you can order them on ShopLyne are cheaper than anywhere else online​.
​ShopLyne also features seller recommended Hampers, made up of bestselling brands and popular products based on seasonal or personal tastes, so you can buy a whole set of products at one go.
Are there other factors that drive you to shop locally rather than online? Tell us in the Comments section below!
Pallavi Dhingra is Co-Founder, ShopLyne. Pallavi has been in advertising for the past 15 years, managing prominent clients in the luxury retail and hospitality sector.


Pallavi Dhingra
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